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Snapshot of Annual Living Costs for Expatriate in Lake Chapala, Mexico

31 May

Blogger Thomas Hellyer paints an informative snapshot of average annual living costs in Lake Chapala, Mexico. The living costs are broken down into: property taxes, electricity, propane, phone/internet, cable/satellite and other costs that are already included in the property taxes. It’s well worth a look for those looking into a move to Mexico. See how your current living location matches up against the Lake Chapala neighborhood.

He also mentions the weather and cites his expatriate experience living safely in the area.


Mexican Street Food: a Pozole Cart

31 May

Here is an excerpt from one expat’s visit, My Mexican Kitchen, to a Pozole cart in Pátzcuaro, run by a woman and her young daughter.

What a 9-year Old Expat has Learned While Living in Mexico with His Father

31 May

From 1 Dad, 1 Kid is a heartwarming look at the adventures of a single expat father and his son traveling the world. Their journey starts in Mexico and will continue on to many different places around the world (including Antarctica!).

He touches upon places to see & reviews, birthday parties, reader questions, things to think about when planning a trip, other traveler interviews, and more – the blog is updated often and with fascinating anecdotes for any reader. It also is very helpful for those with kids planning to move to Mexico.

Expat son embarking on new adventures in Mexico, via

Off the Beaten Path Cancun Travel for Expats

31 May

Forget what you know about Cancun. Expats should take a look at Go Mexico Guide’s blog entry for off the beaten path Cancun travel including underwater museums, ruins, & more.

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