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Book Following One Man’s Episodic Tale of Mexico City

30 Jun

Daniel Hernandez’s Down and Delirious in Mexico City book offers a glimpse at life in Mexico City. Daniel came to Mexico City in 2002, and has been blogging about his experiences since 2006 on Intersections. He also writes for the Los Angeles Times. Daniel writes about the culture and subcultures, so this might be a good read for expats looking to move to Mexico City.


Mexico City: Calling Madonna Fans

30 Jun

If you’re in Mexico City and a Madonna fan, maybe you can take a look at the gym she opened up called Hard Candy Fitness. The gym is located in Mexico City’s upscale Bosques de las Lomas neighborhood. Madonna’s healthy regimen played a part in deciding what classes the gym offers and influenced the entire look and feel of the place. She chose Mexico City based on her love of the culture, food, art and architecture as well as her supportive fan base .

Photo credit: Hard Candy Fitness

President Calderón Shows His Backing of the Maya World Program

30 Jun

President Calderón declared that the Maya World Program’s launch will give a tourism boost to the region which is in the southeast area of Mexico spanning 241,784 sq. km (Campeche, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Tabasco and Yucatán). The program will promote tourist centers close to archaeological areas, offering a range of cultural offerings to visitors.

Safety in Cancun for Visitors and Expats

30 Jun

USAToday has a great article offering insight into the safety of visiting Cancun. The article offers Cancun visitor’s experiences, expat’s experiences, and deeper dive into the statistics.

“The safest people here are the tourists,” Erandeni Abundis of the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau says over lunch at a restaurant overlooking the famously aquamarine sea. “We depend on tourism. We couldn’t afford to lose it.” To accommodate Americans, visitors now can dial 911 in Cancun for emergencies instead of the 066 that locals use, she says.”

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