Expat Remakes Herself as a Jewelry Designer in Mexico

3 Jun

From the Miami Herald–A few life changing things brought Cheryl Finnegan to Mexico: her company had let go of her work department, she was going through a divorce, and she was just looking for something else from life.

She saved up enough money and picked herself up from a life in the US to move to a small artists’ community in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Cheryl traveled all over Mexico, met hippie friends as well as her future husband, and soaked in hot springs. Her creativity was fueled by the country. Drawing on inspiration from Mexico’s patron saint (folk-art protective images of the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Sacred Heart, St. Benedict and goddesses with deep spiritual essences), Finnegan began to follow her secret passion in designing jewelry. When asked to characterize her design, Finnegan used these words,”It’s Celtic meets Gothic meets Mexico.”

Her Virgin Saints & Angels line (VSA), caught the attention of celebrities (Madonna, Kelly Osbourne, Eva Longoria, Beyonce, Paris Hilton, to name a few) and she quickly gained a following.

According to Cheryl’s former colleague, “Her jewelry is a reflection of her and her life and the beauty that she has found down in Mexico.”

Mexico Expat & Jewelry Entrepreneur, Cheryl Finnegan Source: Miami Herald

Select pieces of Cheryl's jewelry collection. Source: VSA Designs


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