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For These Retirees, Driving is the Only Way to Experience Mexico

28 Jul
Via Mexico TodayThis retiree couple has been driving to Mexico once or twice a year since 2001. What a new way to see the country instead of the typical expat retiree fly south for the winter route. About their take on safety in Mexico, read this excerpt, “The couple say they aren’t deterred by news of drug wars and Mexico’s reputation (by some) for being corrupt. In fact, they agree, in all the time they’ve been going south of the boarder, they’ve never felt anything but safe and welcomed. They say they’ll always keep going back, because Mexico is where their hearts are.”

Eye-Capturing Video Embodying Mexico and Its Beautiful Culture Pt. 2

28 Jul

Another beautiful video made by Willy Sousa for the Visit Mexico campaign, this video is focused on Mexico City (Distrito Federal).

What do Mexico City expats think of this video? Does it capture the feel of the city?

Eye-Capturing Video Embodying Mexico and Its Beautiful Culture

28 Jul

I thought I’d share this video I stumbled across. What a beautiful video made by Willy Sousa for the Visit Mexico campaign. The video highlights the different cultural aspects and adventures that Mexico embodies. I didn’t expect this level of image variety from Mexico and it makes me want to discover more about country. I wish there was a list of the places featured in this gorgeous montage. Take a look at this breathtaking video below!

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Expat Life in Mexico City From the Perspective of Retirees

28 Jul

Via Mexico Today – Here is a blog post reflecting on expat life in Mexico City, straight from the mouth of retirees and former U.S. State Dept officials. The post touches upon Louis and Elodie Santamaria’s expat experience (more than 8 years): how the couple came to Mexico, what income they are living on, what they love about the city, the feeling of safety in the city,  and other looks into the culture.

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