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Video: Brief Look into the Mind of a Young Expat Moving to Mexico

31 Aug

This youtube video from “tvpuertovallarta” focuses on a young expat’s experience in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. She talks about the Puerto Vallarta area, consumer goods she misses from America, meeting friends and other expats, her job situation in Mexico, etc.


Expat Tips from Expats

30 Aug

From the fantastic website Expat Yourself are 18 excellent expat tips from veteran expats the author interviewed. The question posed was “what advice would you give to people considering to live overseas.”

Here’s an example of one of many expats offering expat advice:

If you’re thinking about moving overseas, be prepared to be flexible about specific destinations. Personally, I had a situation where I did a lot of research on a city that I thought I would love. After a couple of days of getting there I realized it wasn’t the kind of place I wanted to spend more than a week. Luckily there was a much better option just an hour away. Friends of mine have had similar experiences with different towns or even entire countries. You can increase your chances of loving where you end up if you’re not married to one particular place.” -Corbett Barr, Free Pursuits 

I hadn’t even thought of that! I’m the kind of person that will research something extensively, so it’s helpful to know that your feeling from a place and being flexible with your final destination is just as important as researching.

Read more from the site for expat advice.

Video: Annual Fish Congregation off of Mexican Coast of Isla Mujeres

29 Aug

Nature is so beautiful! Any expats in Isla Mujeres see the whale sharks that made an appearance for their annual summer congregation?

Picture Source:

What Area of Mexico Are You Thinking of Moving to or Already Live in?

26 Aug

I’d love to hear your opinions on where in Mexico you are thinking of moving to or already live in – Show some love and appreciation for your town & vote!

For those who answered “Other”, what cities am I missing that should be separated out from the “Other” category?

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