Introduction to Culture Shock Stages For Expats

4 Aug

I remember learning about the culture shock stages in one of my past international business classes. This article frames expat culture shock in a different way than I’ve heard of, but still conveys the same overall lesson- regardless of how much you might prepare for the transition, the difference in culture and environment affects everyone. It’s important to be aware of culture shock and how to cope as, “Coping with culture shock is one of the more challenging aspects of moving overseas. Some people don’t talk about it at all because they feel they should adapt instead of feeling uncertainty or anxiety.”

The phases listed include: Honeymoon, Culture Shock, Gradual Adjustment, Basic Competence, and Mastery.

Take a look at this article to learn more about culture shock and know that as an expat, you are not alone in this. It’s something to think about for those who are considering moving abroad.  Have any Mexico expats found a good support system for dealing with culture shock and want to share their experience?


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