“How to Photograph People While Living Abroad” via GoOverseas

23 Aug

If you’re like me and always have your camera handy while traveling, reading up on these tips for photographing people abroad can really improve the quality of your photos!

“Tip #4: Don’t Scare the Children
I often noticed children would initially be scared of me when traveling in countries less visited by Westerners. Few I imagine had ever seen a white person before, let alone a hulking black box pointed at their faces. If you notice this behavior, try taking stupid photos of yourself, show them the results, and watch the kids scream with laughter at your silly faces. Once the children get used to you, their openness and unpredictability will make them the best subjects.”

Go to GoOverseas.com to find out the 10 photography tips for expats living abroad, it’ll really make a difference!


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