More Mexico Expats Consider Their Environmental Impact When Moving

23 Aug

I’m glad to see the increase in the number of people considering their environmental impact when moving to Mexico and incorporating this concern in their new lifestyle.

“The target populations surveyed were those aged 50 years or older who are now either retired full-time in Mexico or residing there on a part-time basis.

Among the study’s key finding was that the overwhelming majority of respondents (78.7%) have actively considered their environmental impact on their adopted new community in Mexico. They drive less (63.3%), consume less electricity (53.1%), and use less water (41.4%). They recycle (31%), but another 46% noted that they would recycle if those services were available to them. 42% are concerned or very concerned about climate change.”

Read more about the ICFDN study about “consumer perceptions and preferences among U.S. retirees and second home buyers in Mexican coastal communities, including recycling, reducing consumption, and green building.”


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