How Expats Can Avoid Fraudulent Moving Companies

4 Oct

Hold onto more of your money and avoid unexpected expat moving costs (especially those who have to move because of their job) by reading some common ways of being scammed by a moving company:

“The most common way that fraudulent moving companies operate is through offering estimates without examining the goods or visiting your home. They will simply provide a quote online or over the phone.”

Another “moving company scam attempt is if its rates and quotes are much lower than any other company’s offer. Once that fraudulent moving company has your goods in their truck, they will not be released back to you until you pay a price far above that of what was quoted in the original estimate. In many cases, people agree just to have their belongings back, basically paying a ransom on their household goods.”

This advice and more tips for expats can be found from MoveOne advising expats on how to spot the signs of a fraudulent moving company.

Picture credit: mymovingreviews


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