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Video: American Traveler Speaks About Vacation in Cabo San Lucas

31 Oct

Mexico Today interviewed an American traveler about his recent travels to Cabo San Lucas, take a look about what he had to say about the beaches and the atmosphere.


Thinking about moving to Mexico?

28 Oct

Video Invites Expats and Retirees to Speak about Life in Baja California

27 Oct

This video that was featured on MexicoToday offers great insights for people who are thinking of becoming expats or retirees in the state of Baja California in Mexico. Testimonials from residents emphasize the area’s high quality of living, beautiful environment, and a variety of culinary offerings.

Difference Between Halloween and Day of the Dead (el dia de los muertos)

27 Oct

Though it may be easy to confuse the two holidays, Halloween and Day of the Dead are not the same thing and are celebrated in different ways.

All About Cabo spells out the differences between Halloween and Day of the Dead:

While they both usually involve decorating and lots of skulls, Halloween and Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) are totally different holidays. Halloween is much more about partying, dressing up and having fun. It is also more celebrated by tourists than the locals.

Day of the Dead, while it does involve some celebrating, is a religious holiday which remembers the loved ones who have passed away. Halloween is October 31st and Day of the Dead is November 1st and 2nd.

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