Dos and Don’ts for Mexico City

19 Dec

National Geographic Traveler compiled a list of dos and don’ts for travelers/expats alike to learn about cultural etiquette in Mexico City.

Here are some of the dos and don’ts:

 Lunch Etiquette: Don’t show up too early for lunch. Arrive after 1 p.m. and before 3 p.m., when restaurants really fill up. Expensive restaurants like reservations, so it’s preferable if you have one. At lunch, try comidas corridas (set lunches).

Basic Knowledge: Do make an effort to be informed on some basics of Mexican geography (for example that it is North and not Central or South America) and history (that there were Aztecs here, as well as many other groups, but not Incas).

Taxis: Don’t hail taxis from the street unless you know your way around.

Don’t look too much like a gringo/gringa! 🙂 The National Geographic Traveler website includes more cultural etiquette in Mexico.


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