One Expat Family’s Experiment in Enrolling Kids in School Abroad

27 Feb

New York Times writer, Clifford Levy recounts his experience in moving his family in 2007 from Brooklyn, New York to Moscow, Russia. His children, who were in the fifth grade, third grade, and kindergarten, were “among the first foreigners to attend Novaya Gumanitarnaya Shkola, the New Humanitarian School. All instruction was in Russian. No translators, no hand-holding.” The writer touches upon the struggle his kids went through in learning an entirely new language in a foreign environment and their transition from the first to the fourth year.

In an article written by the mother, there is a video of the kids speaking about their expat experiences in coming to school every day and how they dealt with the transition difficulties.

Both articles are a great read and it’s an especially interesting read for an expat family thinking of what kind of school to place their kids in (English speaking, non-English speaking, or a mix). The article helps you reflect on the effect this transition could have on your child’s lives (good and bad).

Picture credit: NY Times


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