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“Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak” a memoir by Mark Saunders

16 Nov

Book Following One Man’s Episodic Tale of Mexico City

30 Jun

Daniel Hernandez’s Down and Delirious in Mexico City book offers a glimpse at life in Mexico City. Daniel came to Mexico City in 2002, and has been blogging about his experiences since 2006 on Intersections. He also writes for the Los Angeles Times. Daniel writes about the culture and subcultures, so this might be a good read for expats looking to move to Mexico City.

Fiction Book Set in Mexico for a Rainy Day

24 Jun

Looking for some fiction to curl up to or read on your vacation around Mexico? How about a romance/suspense novel set in Mexico City? Jane Rosenthal, at her web site, has a podcast for each chapter of her book – Palace of the Blue Butterfly.  “When Vivienne Golden, a beautiful American art dealer disappears in Mexico City during the Day of the Dead, Lili — Vivienne’s solid, responsible sister — desperate to find out what has happened, embarks on a dark journey into her sister’s secret life.” Currently she has 15 episodes up and if you don’t want to miss out, you can subscribe to receive her new podcasts as they are released.

Book Detailing Contemporary Life in Mexico City

23 Jun

David Lida, who has more than 20 years experience as a journalist, has been a resident of Mexico City on and off since 1990 and wrote a book called First Stop in the New World. The book is told through the eyes of Mexico City residents and includes chapters on food, sex, crime, religion, politics, etc. The book received excellent reviews on amazon and looks like a fascinating book to pick up if you’re interested in Mexico City or maybe looking to compare notes if you already live there.

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