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Snapshot of Town Architecture in Ajijic, Mexico

9 Nov

Another look at the town of Ajijic Mexico, colorfulness abound!

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View from the Lakeside Town of Ajijic, Mexico

9 Nov

This could be your view if you were an expat in Ajijic, Mexico – absolutely stunning.

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Ajijic in Lake Chapala, Mexico: High Quality of Life

9 Nov

Ajijic is a lakeside town of Lake Chapala, Mexico with a high quality of life for a low cost of living. The town of 15,000 people  offers a moderate climate year round against the backdroup of mountians. The video below showcases the beauty of this town for expats.

Former Olympic Figure Skater Talks About His Ajijic Expat Life

25 Oct

Elvis Stojk, a former Olympic figure skater, describes his expat life in Ajijic, Mexico.  The town of Ajijic is a 10-minute drive from Mexico’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Chapala. Elvis settled down in the expat community around 2001 and had this to say of the town, “It’s considered a tourist region…but you blend in with the locals. It’s not like Puerto Vallarta or Cancun. It feels like you’re in Mexico. That’s what I love.” Reasons for living in Ajijic included the near perfect weather, the low cost of living and laid-back environment. Take a look at the article to read more in-depth about the atmosphere of Ajijic.

Picture credit: Toronto Sun

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