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Cancun Activity – Breathing Observation Bubble aka BOB

3 Aug

This is a “Breathing Observation Bubble” aka a BOB, and this video from one of the tour operators in Cancun takes you through a tour. This is a tourist activity that looked so cute I had to feature it!

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So what is a BOB?:

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Cancun International Film Festival

18 Jul

A little early to think about, but in mid-November Cancun hosts an International Film Festival as it has in the past few years. CIFF shows screenings of both Latin American and international films in different cinema theaters thoughout the city.  Any Cancun expat or traveler ever been and know if this is still going on?

Safety in Cancun for Visitors and Expats

30 Jun

USAToday has a great article offering insight into the safety of visiting Cancun. The article offers Cancun visitor’s experiences, expat’s experiences, and deeper dive into the statistics.

“The safest people here are the tourists,” Erandeni Abundis of the Cancun Convention & Visitors Bureau says over lunch at a restaurant overlooking the famously aquamarine sea. “We depend on tourism. We couldn’t afford to lose it.” To accommodate Americans, visitors now can dial 911 in Cancun for emergencies instead of the 066 that locals use, she says.”

TripAdvisor Places Mexico 4 Times in Top 25 Beaches

30 Jun

In TripAdvisor’s Annual Best Beaches for 2011, Mexico beaches take the honor 4 times.

#5 Tulum, Mexico

#15 Isla Mujeres, Mexico

#17 Playa del Carmen, Mexico

#20 Cancun, Mexico

Click the link to find beaches in each area featured as well as attractions, a little blurb, and gorgeous pictures of Mexico beaches. Make the choice of where to visit harder 😉

Photo credit: TripAdvisor

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