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The New York Times Spotlights Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico in 36 Hours

23 Jan

MexicoToday highlights some of the New York Times’ things to do in Oaxaca in 36 hours. Oaxaca has been on my radar as a possible destination for awhile now. The city of 250,000 is said to have a ” vibrant art scene, bustling café culture, diverse regional cuisines of Mexico, and electrifying nightlife.”  Things to do in Oaxaca range from relaxing in the many squares and plazas as well as taking a look at some of the vibrant  Mexican artesanía (folk art).

Credit: The New York Times


Beautiful Video Tour of Oaxaca, Mexico

15 Sep

From International Living – “Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most culturally vibrant cities. It’s a colonial city and is famous for its delicious food, its varied arts and crafts, and its rich indigenous tradition (Zapotec). Oaxaca expats living here love the city, and many tourists come back year after year. Oaxaca is the best of Mexico–including low cost of living–in one package.”

“Foodie” City Suggestions in Mexico from Rick Bayless

11 Aug

Interested in what Mexican cities offer diverse Mexican foods for expats to try?

Lonely Planet features Mexico and US food travel tips from an American chef who specializes in traditional Mexican cuisine with modern interpretations, Rick Bayless:

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