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A Weekend in Tulum via New York Magazine

27 Jan

New York Magazine wrote an article highlighting where to stay, what to eat, and what to do in Tulum for those wanting to escape to paradise for the weekend. “The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan – Eat Locally in Tulum” article also features insider’s tips, a day in Tulum, and links to learn more about Tulum (including a link to the “Expats in Mexico” blog!).


Year of the Maya Brings Attention and Travel to the Maya Ruins

26 Jan

Since 2012 is synonymous with year of the Maya and the supposed end of the world, CNN has asked experts to debunk the myth and suggest notable Maya sites that enthusiasts and travelers should consider traveling to.

With attention being drawn to the Maya ruins, CNN asked Jeff Morgan, Executive Director of the Global Heritage Fund, to recommend the most notable Maya sites in Latin America to travel to. For those with a keen interest in the Maya culture, why not commemorate the beginning of a new era at the location of an ancient pyramid or temple? Three out of five of the recommended Maya sites are located in Mexico: Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Palenque.

Tulum, Mexico, a Destination with Ancient Ruins Attracting Celebrities and Tourists

6 Dec

Lately, I’ve been seeing Tulum featured in more travel articles and even a documentary on the Travel Channel.

Recently, Sarah Gordon from the Daily Mail, soaked up the beautiful landscape of  Tulum and commented on its appeal to celebrities. Take a look at Mexico Today for more on the Mexico hotspot and what makes it attractive for tourists and celebrities.

What to Do and Not To Do When Purchasing Property in Mexico

6 Dec

It’s estimated that between 400,000-600,000 expats reside in Mexico. Some of these expats only live in Mexico part-time versus full-time, but each one has worked out a living situation that works best for them. Tulum Today offers expat advice on what to do and not to do when purchasing property in Mexico. Better safe than sorry!

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