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How Affordable is Healthcare in Mexico?

28 Nov

Straight from the mouth of a retiree, is a first-hand account of the healthcare in Mexico.

“We can afford healthcare in Mexico”. Routine medical care, specialist services, and medications cost less in Mexico, and you don’t have to compromise on quality of healthcare. Long-term healthcare in residential homes is emerging as the next boom-industry here in Mexico, and it’s not surprising as monthly cost for residential care in Mexico costs between $500-$1,500 in comparison to the US where the monthly costs run between $5,000 and $6,500. As the limitations of the US medical care system reveal themselves, the tens of millions of people who are being left disenfranchised by it are looking abroad for the treatments and care they need—and Mexico’s geographical closeness is as attractive as the affordability.


“Health Care in Mexico – The Goal of 100% Universal Coverage” Via MexicoToday

17 Nov

Watch the video below for information on the Federal program for health care in Mexico, Seguro Popular, which is available to all Mexicans.

New Hospitals Lead to An Increase in Mexican Healthcare Quality

19 Oct

Areas of Mexico that are in need of specialized healthcare are starting to receive new state-of-the-art hospitals. Inter-America Development Bank and the International Financial Corporation have funded two hospitals in Mexico with one opened in September 2010 while the second hospital is scheduled to open by the end of this year. The hospitals are located in the cities of Tepic and Colima, the capital of the Mexican state of Nayarit. Mexico Today explains the how these new hospitals will help increase the quality of Mexican healthcare.

What Do You Know About Mexico’s Universal Health Plan?

6 Oct

This  article from Mexico Today discusses the challenges and effects of this new universal health plan in Mexico (which has been in the making for 10 years) as well as what President Calderon has to say about the measures being put into place.

Do any expats have experience with the government insurance program called Seguro Popular?

Picture credit: PBS News Hour

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