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Top 10 Best Countries to be Vegetarian via Expatify

30 Sep

From Expatify is a list naming the top 10 countries to be vegetarian expat in. Even though Mexico didn’t make the list (not a surprise), Mexico expats can still find ways to eat vegetarian. I recently linked to an article from which can serve as a guide to eating vegetarian in Mexico.

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Gift Giving Etiquette in Mexico

29 Sep

From Kwintessential is a blurb on gift giving etiquette in Mexico. Can any expats in Mexico attest to these suggestions? It’s always interesting to see what the expected customs of different countries are.

  • If invited to a Mexican’s house, bring a gift such as flowers or sweets.
  • Gift wrapping does not follow any particular protocol.
  • Do not give marigolds as they symbolize death.
  • Do not give red flowers as they have a negative connotation.
  • White flowers are a good gift as they are considered uplifting.
  • Gifts are opened immediately.
  • If you receive a gift, open it and react enthusiastically.

What Are Some Mexican Family Values?

28 Sep

Here are some Mexican culture tips from Kwintessential on the role of family:

  • The family is at the centre of the social structure.
  • Outside of the major cosmopolitan cities, families are still generally large.
  • The extended family is as important as the nuclear family since it provides a sense of stability.
  • Mexicans consider it their duty and responsibility to help family members. For example, the will help find employment or finance a house or other large purchase.
  • Most Mexican families are extremely traditional, with the father as the head, the authority figure and the decision-maker.
  • Mothers are greatly revered, but their role may be seen as secondary to that of their husband.

Any expats find this to be true?

Resource for Vegetarian Expats in Mexico

27 Sep has a one-stop-shop page that is a handy resource for vegetarians thinking of relocating as an expat in Mexico (buying and treating produce, vegetarian restaurants in Mexico, vegetarian dishes to try, useful phrases for vegetarians).

I also made a post awhile back that links to “Tips for Eating Vegetarian or Vegan as an Expat or Traveler.”

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