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Top 6 Colonial Cities in Mexico

10 Nov

Mexico holds many diverse regions with different options for all expats: from beachfront properties to lakeside towns. For those expats interested in living in colonial cities in Mexico – here’s a list of the top 6 colonial cities in Mexico:

  1. Taxco
  2. San Luis Potosi
  3. Tlaxcala
  4. Querataro
  5. Puebla
  6. Merida

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Living in Merida, Mexico

20 Oct

Merida, Mexico, although relatively unknown, is one of the most prime places for Mexican Real Estate today! Merida has been recently featured on HGTV’s International Home Hunters and has been highlighted admirably in both the International Herald and the New York Times for its beautiful landscapes and endearing cultural charm. Read more about Merida, Mexico from PR Newswire.

Schools in Merida, Mexico for Expats with Kids

16 Sep

From Yucatan Living is a fantastic post that talks about the schooling situation in Mexico– how it differs from America and the expat’s experience of investigating the situation firsthand for their 16-year old (at the time) daughter.

The list includes 15+ schools in Merida, Mexico and includes information on: phone number, location, address, principal, English speaking contact, schooling levels, number of teachers, number of students, cost (2008-2009), duration of the school year, and anything else the expats may have liked about the particular school such as the amount of time spent teaching in Spanish and English.

The post and the site is a great resource for expats moving to Merida.

Where is Mérida, Mexico?

16 Sep

Merida, Mexico is located in the northwest part of the state of Yucatan in Mexico and is the capital of the state. Merida’s population numbers 970,377 which earns the city a rank of #12 among the most populous Mexican metropolitan areas according to Wikipedia.

Merida’s airport is Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport (IATA airport code: MID).

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