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Magical Villages Identified as Tourist Destinations in Mexico

30 Mar


The Pueblos Magicos (Magical Villages) Program works to identify and promote a series of Mexican villages that offer tourists a “magical” experience through architecture, traditions, customs, music, gastronomy, festivities and handcrafts.

The Villages earn this moniker for having preserved important factions of Mexico’s natural beauty, cultural richness, and historical significance.

Read more about Pueblos Magicos in this MexicoToday article:



‘Photography In Mexico’ Reveals Country’s Allure

28 Mar

For SFMOMA’s latest exhibition, the institution is going down south, centering on Mexico’s captivating essence in the realm of photography. The vast survey covers expatriates such as Edward Weston and Paul Strand who were inspired by the dusty desert locale as well as Lourdes Grobet and Pablo Ortiz Monasterio who called Mexico home.



One of the Most Traditional Bars in Guadalajara

27 Mar

If you are looking for a more traditional Mexico bar experience, visit La Fuente Cantina aka “La Bicicleta” in the historic center of Guadalajara. Founded in 1921, it is considered one of the most traditional bars in Guadalajara. It’s decor will make you think you’re stepping back into the golden era of Mexican Cinema.



The Ranks of the Middle Class are Swelling in Mexico

23 Mar

Lupita Gomez, center, chats with two friends on a bench in a shopping mall called Plaza Rio Tijuana in Tijuana, Mexico. A new middle class is fast becoming the majority in Mexico, breaking down the rich-poor divide in a profound demographic transformation.

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