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Expats Break Down the Misconceptions of Safety in Mexico

17 Nov

Boomers Abroad addresses a misleading and biased piece regarding the safety in Mexico and defends the safety of Mexico by breaking down the numbers. The couple also draws from their experience as Puerto Vallarta expats, living in Puerto Vallarta for 13 years. In Puerto Vallarta the “possession of hand guns is prohibited and violent crime is virtually nonexistent.” Take a look at their insights for a more accurate portrayal of Mexico.

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Mexico Tourism Board Backs Campaign to Promote Safety in Mexico

24 Oct

The Mexico Tourism Board wants to fight misconceptions about safety in Mexico, and they plan to do so with a new $30 million ad campaign. Over the next few weeks the campaign will release TV ads featuring real-life vacationers coming back to the US after a vacation in Mexico. The great idea behind the campaign is that its “Americans talking to Americans to communicate that it is a great place and a safe place.” This is a wonderful idea since whom would you trust more than your friends and family? The website will soon be up and host a number of clips from this campaign.

USA Today has the scoop about Mexico’s new tourism campaign. There are a number of people who have commented on the article further driving the misconception that Mexico is unsafe, if you have time please add a comment letting people know about your experience with safety in Mexico!

Traveler Writes About Her Experience Traveling with Kids and the Safety in Mexico

24 Oct

The Travel With Kids blog, a blog writing about the constant search for the latest in family destinations, reviews their experience in Los Cabos, Mexico. Definitely take a look as they review a few accommodations in Los Cabos as well as fun activities for the kids and parents! The writer also talks about the safety in Mexico.

How Safe is Mexico? Opinions From Travelers and Residents, via Seattle Times

19 Sep

Seattle Times columnist, Carol Pucci, posed the question to readers whether it’s safe to go to Mexico or not. Nearly 100 people responded, saying that it’s safe to visit as long as travelers rely on common sense.

Here is one comment from the article, take a look at the article to read what other travelers had to say about the safety in Mexico:

“We own a house in Puerto Vallarta, and travel throughout Mexico on the national bus lines. In all the years we have been going, I can count on less than one hand the number of violent crimes of which I am personally aware. No one makes light of the drug violence there, but when was the last time the U.S. government issued travel warnings to various American cities including the nation’s capital?”

— Doug, Seattle

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